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Las Vegas Professional Makeup Artist


Vegas just got sexier

I have been doing makeup for 14yrs. I love doing make-up and styling hair. I feel that the hair frames the face, and makes the look complete.

No formal updos. Think Sexy Red Carpet,  Sexy Hollywood. Sexy waves, Sexy curls, and hair straightened. 


Perfect for the woman who never wears make-up, to the woman who absolutely loves make-up, and every woman inbetween. Perfect if you weren't born a woman but are now a woman, or are thinking of becoming a woman. 

Eyes will be the main focus always!! always sexy, customized to fit your style . And, don't worry if you don't know your style... a few questions once you are in my chair and I will know exactly what you need. You are in good hands. 

Whether you want tame sexy or classic sexy or edgy sexy or raver sexy, you are covered. I can think outside of the box. and, if you like to stay in the box, then I will customize the box to fit you perfectly and it will be the sexiest box. 

Any makeup qualms? ..bring them up. 

It took me years to obtain the knowledge that I have, and I am more than happy to share it with you. 

ex: If you have trouble applying lashes, or covering dark circles or literally any other makeup questions. I will explain what the issue may be and how to work around it. What product may be best. Or how to choose the best product.  If you understand your eye shape, and products, and other factors, it may open your eyes up ( pun intended) and make it easier from then on. 


Or If you have a product you can't figure out how to use. Bring it, and I will show you how to use it. Sometimes you need to pair products to make them work. Or sometimes products suck! I will be honest with you. 

If you need help cleaning your brushes. I will show you how, and tell you which products to use. It is very easy, if you have the right cleansers ( yes, different brushes require different cleansers). If you use the wrong product, your brushes will be destroyed or won't come clean. As I'm sure most of you have figured out the hard way. 

Customized Lessons are available. 

Rhinestones & Gems

Fantasy Lashes, Glitter Lashes, Fur Lashes, Rhinestone lashes, Glow in the Dark Lashes. 

*Please email, text or call if you have any questions.  818.917.6919

xoxo, Keep it Sexy & Glamorous

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